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Introduction top
This website is provided free of charge to enable you to find one or more suitable laboratories to carry out testing work to your requirements.

Feedback top
UKAS welcomes feedback on all its websites. Click here to send your feedback.

Searches top

There are three search options on this website, each producing a list of laboratories that match the search criteria you have selected. The name of the laboratory is a link to more information about the laboratory and the opportunity to view the laboratory's schedule.

Schedules are in pdf format; you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (available from Adobe as a free download) installed on your PC in order to view schedules. Use the link on each Summary page to download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website. Please note that you can use the Find facility in Acrobat Reader (click on the binoculars icon) to search a pdf file for a test, product or Standard.

Data entry is not case sensitive. Keep data as short as possible - all searches work on a minimum of three characters. The initial search output will yield a number of items, from which you can choose the one you want.

If you input your postcode (see Postcode section) as part of the search criteria, the list of laboratories output from a search with be in distance from you; otherwise the list will be in random alphabetical order.

Use the links in the red banner at the top of the page to move to a different search option.

Laboratory Search top

Use this option if you want to check whether a laboratory is currently accredited by UKAS and to view its schedule of accreditation.

Laboratory name
You need not type in the full name - success rates are higher when short data strings are entered.

Laboratory number
Must be four digits (eg, 0010, not 10).

Laboratory address
Type in any part of the laboratory's address. For example, typing in new will list all laboratories with new in any part of their address (Newby House or Bury New Road or Newcastle).

Single Test Search top

Type in the product or type of test wanted (using a minimum of three characters) - eg, asbestos (asb), or colour (col). This search works by matching the data entered with a three-tier industry/product/test matrix (some items in the matrix have nicknames, which are not visible on the website, but which feature in the Single Test Search).

Some nicknames include Standards used in testing. To search for a Standard, either use the Standard number (eg, 1234) without year or Part or even Standards body initials. If you do use the Standards body's initials, use them without space or punctuation (eg bs1234, not bs 1234)

There is an optional postcode facility with this search (see section on Postcodes), and you can choose whether the testing is done at the laboratory's premises or not (see section on Type of Laboratory).

The Search will produce a list of tests that match the data you entered. Choose the test you want by clicking on the 'radio button' to the left of the test to get a list of laboratories matching your requirements.

Directory Search top

This search lets you select and search for several tests at once (or you can use the facility to search for just one test), by means of a structured sequence of pull-down menus. You can add a selected test to a 'shopping basket', to build a range of tests you want done.

UKAS accredited tests on this website have been structured in three tiers. The top tier (Family) often corresponds to an industry type (eg, Construction). The second tier usually corresponds to a Product type (eg, Cement), and the third tier typically corresponds to a test type (eg, Density).

You must first choose from the Family pull-down menu. Your selection will generate a list of Products associated with the Family, and you must choose one of the Products. That in turn will generate a list of associated Tests. You may choose one or more of these Tests by using the CONTROL/APPLE key and the left mouse button.

At any time you can reconsider your selection, and then add your selection to the 'shopping basket'. Repeat the process until your basket contains all the tests you seek.

This search has Postcode and Laboratory Type facilities.

Postcodes top

The Single Test Search and the Directory Search have an optional postcode facility. You only have to type in the first half of your postcode to make use of this facility. The list of laboratories meeting your requirements will be in linear distance from the postcode you type in (if you do not use the postcode facility, laboratories will be listed in random alphabetical order).

This facility applies to UK addresses only.

Type of Laboratory top

You can limit your search to those laboratories accredited for testing in their permanent premises or to those accredited for testing away from their permanent premises. The default setting outputs a list containing both categories of laboratory.

Important Statement top

When complete, this site provides a searchable database of schedules of UKAS accredited testing laboratories, created from the master copy of each schedule. Each laboratory has a copy of its master schedule.

See the first page of this site for details of the Families that have complete laboratory lists.

You are advised to contact the laboratory of your choice for confirmation of the current state of the laboratory's accreditation.

In the event of discrepancy between a laboratory's schedule of accreditation and the information contained on this site, the master copy of the laboratory's schedule shall be paramount. Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information provided on this site, and UKAS welcomes comments on any inaccuracies found (email