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Welcome to the UKAS testing laboratory website
Single Test Search

Type in the product or type of test wanted (using a minimum of three characters, not case sensitive) in the first box below. The website uses your search string to select from a directory of keywords. Many keywords have alternative hidden 'nicknames' to enhance the search function.

Then choose the type of laboratory from the pull-down menu.

Then type in the first part of your postcode in the bottom box for results listed in distance from you.

If you want more than one test, or prefer to use the directory search facility, click here.

Tips for searching

  • Keep your search string to no more than about 6 characters (max 15)
  • You may be able to find some tests by using an associated Standard. Type only the Standard's number without spaces - eg:
    140 or bseniso140 (not bs en iso 140-3 : 1995)
  • To search for pH, type ph?
Testing Laboratory Single Search
Type in product or test type you want (3 characters minimum)
Choose type of laboratory
Type in your postcode (not case sensitive) or the first part of your postcode (eg, TW13) for results sorted by distance from you.